Dear Friends,


On Sunday evening, I took part in a contemplative prayer (zoom) event, originating in England, with participants from Nigeria, Scotland, Canada, America.


After the time of meditation, there was the opportunity for those who wanted to, to share what had happened to them in the past week.


One of the participants, a nurse, shared how she been out on a run, and had fallen, injuring herself.  No one offered to help her. The closest to do so was as women who asked “Are you alright dear!.’


What was powerful was the young woman’s response to all this. She did not judge those who did not help. She reasoned that they had their own reasons for not doing so.  None of her concern. She just concentrated on getting home and getting herself better.


It made me think about attitude. We can lash out and blame, or we can reflect on what has happened and make the most of the situation.


We see that in the Acts of the Apostles reading.  The apostles ‘shared everything in common.’ That could only happen through an attitude change. Knowing that Jesus had risen and was with them, meant other things (their personal property) where less important.


Perhaps in Lockdown we can do this also. It is important to look at the glass half full rather than half empty. There are opportunities in this situation.


Let’s make the most of them.


Fr Ron




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